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Today's feature:

The resort spa experience in your own bathroom

by Matt Ariel

One of the best parts about traveling is the luxurious feeling of being in a deluxe, spa-style bathroom at a resort. There’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling of a wide shower head, with plenty of room to stretch out without having cold spots where your body isn’t under the flow.

Getting your shower right at home can be one of the most difficult projects. We’ve written before in our Bathroom MakeOver Guide about all the different options you have for the shower itself, from a swinging door corner, to a larger tub and shower combo. The design of your shower is super important, but you’ll want to make some smart calculations before you make any hard decisions. One of the most important things to get down pat is the actual shower fittings themselves. You want to figure out the ratio of coverage to the actual size of your shower space.

One of the biggest challenges to a redecorator in 2016 is how to achieve that resort feeling at home without running up a huge water bill. Now, it’s not just a question of saving money, or being environmentally conscious. With all the droughts we’ve seen in the Western half of the country, it’s not easy to ignore the fact that we’ve all got to start saving water. Plus, the government has put some pretty strict regulations in place, to get us all on track. At first, this got us worried about how spartan our showers might have to be.

However, thanks to some clever engineering from plumbing companies, you don’t have to sacrifice the experience of a luxury shower just to save on water. I went on a little fact finding mission for Palm Springs Pads, and went out West to find the best shower heads the resorts themselves were using. And, to my surprise, they were mostly low-flow. They sure didn’t feel any less luxurious to me!

So, here are a few top tips for thinking about your shower renovations:

Look for WaterSense shower heads, or low-flow models. These ones will use less water, keeping the environment green, and keeping your water bill lower.

Look for special features to boost flow, without raising water usage:

We like aerating showers, which add air bubbles to water droplets. That makes them feel bigger, and makes the whole shower feel fuller. You can also find shower heads with spiraling flow patterns which give you more coverage without adding to the overall water rate.

Keep a sense of scale.

One of the biggest temptations people have when they’re redesigning the bathroom is to go big. After all, resort showers feel so open, and that’s part of the sense of luxury. However, given limitations in the water supply, it’s easy for a larger shower to feel underpowered.

We love open corner showers, or corner setups with transparent doors for that reason. They give you the feeling of expansive space while you shower, but they also maintain that feeling of dense coverage inside the actual shower itself.

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Shelling Out:

Ideas for using seashells all around your own home!

We love using seashells around our houses. They’re a simple, elegant reminder that sunny days and golden sands are never too far away!

Here are some ideas for using them around the house:

-Make a border around your mirror or medicine cabinet

-Make a mosaic on the wall

-Make a sand and shells zen garden in your bedroom

-Add shells to window trim

-Cover up the nuts and bolts of your towel hooks

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